Jet Vap Water Softener Filter

Código: 1780

The quality of water used in Jet Vap Steam Cleaners is a determining factor for a good result and to maintain the durability of the equipment. 

Thus, before performing the service it is necessary to perform the water softening procedure with the Jet Vap Water Softener Filter, to remove the mineral salts present and make it able to produce steam.

This process consists of the circulation of raw water through a bed of cationic resin, where dissolved salts are retained by this bed. After purification, the water is of good quality and suitable to be used without forming inlays in the Steam Cleaner.

For this, Jet Vap manufactures the Jet Vap Water Softener Filter for the water softening process based on resin bed. With it, the Jet Vap Steam Cleaner gains more efficiency and durability.

  • Produced in stainless steel;
  • Reservoir capacity for 7 liters of cationic resin.


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